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Getting Your CV Noticed!

So, you’re no longer feeling fulfilled in your current role and decide it’s time to seek a better opportunity. With around the clock access to the internet and a variety of job boards at our fingertips, it is easy to upload a CV and wait for calls regarding potential new roles to come flooding in. But with millions of people registered on the job boards, Recruiters are spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing candidates to meet their clients’ requirements. As a little fish in a large candidate pool how do you ensure your CV doesn’t fall under the radar?

As Recruiters we focus our search on the key skills outlined in a job description, provided by our clients. While it can sometimes be difficult to find candidates that tick every box, in terms of key skills, there are other things we look for in a CV. We appreciate that a CV does not always demonstrate a persons’ true potential so the more information it displays and the way it is structured can make it more visually appealing to the eye of a Recruiter, even if it does not contain every key word we are looking for.

The ideal CV should contain:

  • A Personal Profile – An introductory paragraph at the beginning of a CV containing a short summary or overview of your background and career plans.
  • Skills overview – A list of bullet points that highlight your key strengths
  • Clear and easy to read – Consistency with font and font sizes and a bullet pointed list of responsibilities
  • Chronological order – Your most recent role should appear first, with your oldest at the bottom
  • Dates – It is key to include the month and the year of your employment as this helps Recruiters gain an understanding of when you left and started each role.
  • An explanation of gaps in your employment history – This is extremely important to employers as they will want to know how you spent your time in between jobs.
  • Spelling and grammar – Especially important for roles where attention to detail or written communication skills are required
  • Qualifications and training – This should include school grades and work-related qualifications
  • Hobbies and interests – not essential, but some employers do like to find out a little more about you

Remember, this is your first opportunity to sell yourself so don’t leave anything to assumption.

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