Interview Questions
Interview Questions – What’s your personality?

Interview Questions – What’s your personality? It is becoming increasingly important for a company during the recruitment process to find a candidate that doesn’t just fit the requirements of the role, but also provides the right culture fit within the team. Trying to assess who will be a good team fit can be extremely difficult, […]

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This is me!
This is me! by Amanda Tapp

THIS IS ME! by Amanda Tapp I am probably one of the very few people who actually thoroughly enjoys her job! Having been self employed for many years and running a very successful business, I am also one of the few people, who has craved “normality”: normal working hours, valuable time for family, colleagues to […]

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Longevity within the Workplace, customer success manager
Longevity within the workplace

Is longevity on your CV beneficial or harmful to your chances at securing that new role? When looking for a new position the first and most important factor to consider is your CV. This is your very first opportunity to stand out to a potential client and make a good impression. But what exactly are […]

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