Presence of Tattoos in the Workplace

Bearded tattooed man in a white shirt holds laptop.

Presence of Tattoos in the Workplace

Tattoos have lost their popularity in recent years, but with almost an estimated 20 million Brits having at least one tattoo, we wonder if tattoos are appropriate in the workplace and if they can affect your chances of securing a new role?


Tattoos are a form of expression for most people; a story or a memory that they want to remember, or maybe even a drunken mistake or an impulse purchase! But with employers having to provide an environment in which diversity is welcomed, is discrimination still taking place for people with visible tattoos?


Placement of the tattoos and the type of tattoo is predominantly the most important factor: someone with tattoos, positioned on a body part which can be covered, shouldn’t really effect their chances of getting a new job as most colleagues will not even know they exist! However, people with visible tattoos e.g. over the face and neck may have to be more careful as to the types of roles they are applying for due to strict dress codes that may be in place.


Generally speaking, most customer facing roles will ask that tattoos are covered up and some long standing institutions may have a dress code that hasn’t been updated. Some companies feel that as long as the candidate is qualified; then having a tattoo shouldn’t affect their chances of securing a role however, for other companies it may go against their company culture.


The main thing is to check a company’s dress code and work closely with the HR team to iron out any issues. Remember, just because someone has tattoos – doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for the job. Are you missing out on good candidates due to an out-dated dress code? Do you feel having tattoos has caused any trouble when looking for new role?

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