This is me! by Amanda Tapp

This is me!

THIS IS ME! by Amanda Tapp

I am probably one of the very few people who actually thoroughly enjoys her job!

Having been self employed for many years and running a very successful business, I am also one of the few people, who has craved “normality”: normal working hours, valuable time for family, colleagues to bounce ideas off and also to seek opinions. When things go wrong, there is always someone to ask advice and to gain support – whats not to like?

However, I knew that it would be difficult to even get an interview, as my CV would not be relevant to any potential employer.

Hence, I knew how important it would be to build a relationship with a local recruitment agency, to speak to a person about my transferable skills and hopefully that recruiter would then pass this information on to potential employers.

As luck would have it, the local recruitment agency actually offered me a job! I have never looked back!

Every day, I speak and meet with interesting people; everyone has a story to tell. I have registered “unicorns” and I work hard to “champion” them to future employers, knowing that they will be a good fit and this is down to the relationship that I have built with them, knowing their personality, their capabilities and of course their skills and equally, the relationship I aim to build with clients to thoroughly understand their business needs.

“Skills can be taught but personality is a talent”

Please do contact us if you are looking for great staff or, if you are considering a career change, we would love to hear from you.

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